Managed Kubermatic KubeOne for On-Prem

A container-native solution to safely deploy and run mission-critical workloads in your own datacenter.

How Managed KubeOne Covers All Your On-Prem Needs

Kubernetes is the answer to your needs when it comes to managing Kubernets on-prem. With Managed KubeOne, you can focus more on developing and don’t need to worry about maintaining an infrastructure that will always be up-to-date with latest innovations in software engineering practices!

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VMware vSphere OpenStack Static BareMetal

Global Leaders Work With Kubermatic

Managed KubeOne enables you to deploy highly available, fault-tolerant Kubernetes clusters on your VMware vSphere infrastructure. It’s the ideal solution for businesses that seek to upgrade to cloud native technologies but want to integrate their existing technology stack. Thanks to its API-first design, KubeOne makes this process seamless, by providing automated deployment, configuration and scaling for any environment. With our fully managed service you deploy and run your mission-critical services with ease and confidence while leveraging the benefits of all the best-in-class solutions the cloud native landscape offers.

Managed KubeOne is the most reliable and scalable solution to deploy and run highly available, fault tolerant Kubernetes clusters on OpenStack on-prem environments. KubeOne is the only on-prem OpenStack distribution that can be deployed as a single node, but also scales to any size. KubeOne delivers high availability Kubernetes clusters for production environments and makes it easy to upgrade your current environment to state-of-the-art cloud native infrastructure – an ideal match for all companies that seek to leverage best-in-class open source tooling while our experts make sure your business-critical applications are up and running at all times.

Static BareMetal

Managed KubeOne offers you with the most reliable solution to deploy and run highly available Kubernetes clusters on your static bare metal on-prem environment. If you`re running an old operating system or using outdated hardware, we can easily upgrade that old infrastructure to a state-of-the-art cloud native infrastructure that works seamlessly with the rest of your stack and won’t require any changes to how you work or update systems. At the same time, KubeOne’s API-first design gives you full flexibility to select best-in-breed solutions from the entire cloud native landscape. With our fully managed services, you can rely that your critical workloads are up and running and backed by the best expertise in case of any eventuality.