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KKP 2.25 - Introducing the AI-Native Infrastructure Platform

We are thrilled to announce the latest update on Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform (KKP) 2.25! In this release, we’re introducing a vast range of exciting features and enhancements designed to streamline your Kubernetes operations and enhance your cloud-native journey.

Latest Features

  • AI Power for Infrastructure Operation

    In KKP 2.25, K8sGPT has been integrated to KKP as a default application and also to the web terminal feature as a CLI tool. K8sGPT brings you the next level of cluster debugging, with the help of AI all debugging sessions will be brought closer to the human language and understanding.

  • Automated Kubernetes Backups

    KKP offers an easy-to-use, self-service system for backing up and restoring data. Leveraging Velero and the Kubernetes API, it ensures seamless backup, recovery, and migration across on-premises and cloud environments, while automating regular backups and old data deletion to enhance efficiency and data integrity.


Vanilla Kubernetes

  • 100% kubernetes compliant
  • Kubernetes version compliance within 4-6 weeks

Multi-tenant Architecture

  • Separate cloud providers and preset environments by organizational units
  • Datacenter separation – decide where the data is stored
  • Multi-cluster separation lowers effort for in-cluster policy enforcement

Identity and Access Management

  • Streamline authentication and access control, user and team management, enterprise security and operational observability
  • Deploy securely provisioned clusters with blueprints and presets to keep developers within company policies

Automated kubernetes lifecycle management

  • Provision, scale, update, and clean up of clusters with just an API call
  • Automatic roll out and roll back of upgrades
  • Templatized workflows for repetitive tasks

Backup & Recovery

  • Centralized multi-cluster and multi-cloud backup handling- select from daily, weekly, monthly or customized as backup options
  • Customizable backup locations - Multiple backup destinations from the UI Admin Panel

Free choice of infrastructure stack

  • Native support of AWS, Azure, GCP, DigitalOcean, Alibaba Cloud, OpenStack, VMware, bare metal, and more
  • Fast switching between clouds / on-prem by using one common default layer

Multi-cloud abstraction layer

  • Abstract cloud dependencies from the cluster consumer using preset environments
  • Centralized multi-cluster Logging, Monitoring, and Consumption Metering

Kubernetes Application Management

  • Deploy any third-party application on a user cluster, with a few clicks
  • After installation, applications can be reconciled to ensure reliability

Self-service portal

  • Deliver Kubernetes-as-a-Service to end users
  • Powerful & intuitive dashboard to visualize Kubernetes deployment

Open Policy Agent (OPA) with Gatekeeper

  • Kubermatic OPA implementation offers experienced users complete control over OPA customization
  • Constraint Templates are available for less experienced users to easily implement OPA

CNI: Choose or Bring your Own

  • map[Users can choose between the two most popular CNIs:Canal and Cilium]
  • Additionally, users can simply add and manage a CNI of their choice

Single Platform to Manage Virtual Machines on Bare-Metal

  • Eliminate the need to run dedicated platforms to manage virtual machines on-premise
  • Provision multiple kubernetes clusters on VMs on-premise with KubeVirt Cloud provider

Complete Control Over Hybrid & Edge Deployments

  • Operating System Manager (OSM) is responsible for creating and managing the required configurations for worker nodes in a Kubernetes cluster.

Dual Stack Support

  • Kubernetes resources can have both an IPv4 and IPv6 address.

Kubernetes Monitoring Tools

  • Monitor health and resource consumption with built-in Prometheus and Grafana.

Full Lifecycle Management

  • Upgrade your control plane and nodes without disruption and roll back as you need.

Integrated AddOn Controller

  • Easily add any additional software, configuration, or policy into clusters.

Whitelabel with KKP

  • Customize Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform to your brand and needs.

Artificial Intelligence and GenAI for Infrastructure Operation

  • Next Level Cluster Debugging with K8sGPT which has been integrated to KKP as a default application and also to the web terminal feature as a CLI tool.
  • Effortless Nodes Management with NVIDIA GPU's and other specialized devices through Kubernetes' device plugin framework.
  • Flexibility, Automation & Increased Efficiency: AI-Native Infrastructure Platform, specifically designed to utilize AIOps to ensure optimal operator and end-user experiences.
If it works with kubernetes, it works with KKP!