Kubermatic KubeLB

Experience unprecedented scalability and efficiency with KubeLB, your ultimate Load Balancer solution. Tailored for multi-tenant service providers, KubeLB operates seamlessly as a service, allowing multiple customers to leverage the same software with ease.

Welcome to KubeLB, the next-generation application delivery platform designed for cloud-native architectures. As cloud-native have evolved, KubeLB offers a multi-tenancy approach to load balancing, providing seamless scalability, security, and management for distributed applications and teams.

Evolution of Cloud-Native Load Balancer Architectures

Monolithic Architecture Challenges

  • Limited separation for multi-cluster, multi-team applications
  • Difficulties in trying new technologies without network team involved
  • Inefficient scaling of individual load balancer across many clusters
  • Complex, risky, and time-consuming deployments

Cloud-Native Architecture Benefits

  • Rapid development and evolution of multi-tenant load balancers services
  • Streamline the operation of hundreds of load balancers
  • Independent deployment of services
  • Efficient scaling of individual load balancers
  • Utilization of Kubernetes APIs for lightweight communication
  • Enhanced application scalability along teams and Kubernetes clusters

Rise of REST and KubeLB for Microservices Apps

KubeLB Overview

KubeLB is a software-based application delivery & load balancer platform, offering secure, reliable, and scalable network services for cloud-native applications. Its distributed architecture, powered by high-performance Cilium and Envoy, separates the data plane from the control plane, providing unparalleled flexibility and scalability.

KubeLB represents a groundbreaking shift in application delivery, addressing the challenges posed by evolving architectures. Its elastically scalable load balancer with a distributed data plane ensures clear multi-tenancy at the load balancer level, streamlines the operations and and significantly enhancing performance. The unified, centralized control plane reduces operational complexity across various locations, making KubeLB an ideal solution for modern data center requirements.

KubeLB diagram

Key Features

Distributed Architecture

  • Comprehensive application delivery services, including load balancing and security
  • Full multi-tenancy architecture for optimal separation
  • Rich set of data, control, and management plane services
  • Actionable insights through integrated data collectors

Multi-Tenant Driven Application Delivery

  • Automatic scaling based on traffic patterns
  • Strong separation of access via clear multi-tenant architecture
  • Elastic scale for dynamic multi-clusters and multi-teams

Application Affinity and Dataplane Isolation

  • Cilium and Envoy proximity to microservices for optimal performance
  • Dedicated micro load balancers for true multi-tenant load balancing

Programmability and N-Way Active Redundancy

  • Native integration with Kubernetes APIs for seamless interactions
  • Support for DevOps automation tools
  • N-Way Active-Active redundancy for high availability

KubeLB has revolutionized our application delivery, seamlessly aligning with the evolution to microservices, providing unparalleled scalability, security, and management while simplifying operational complexities and proving to be an ideal solution for our modern data center requirements.