Vonage's Journey to Efficiently Managing Kubernetes at Scale

The Challenge

Building a hardened security baseline for containerized applications based on Kubernetes.

Vonage faced the challenge of delivering a tool for seamless and secure application development across diverse Kubernetes environments, lacking a consistent security baseline, which impeded efficient management at scale and hindered rapid progress due to the need for continual relearning and reworking of implementation processes.

The Solution

Kubernetes Heavy Lifting Done with KKP

The solution involved leveraging Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform, built on Kubernetes, providing extensibility and ease of cluster management through its operator functionality and Cluster API, enabling seamless scaling and upgrades with minimal effort, while benefiting from a supportive community. Vonage was able to streamline programmable cluster management across various platforms and reduce the burden of Kubernetes maintenance.

The Impact

Fully Functional Fleet Management Solution for Multiple Clouds Using KKP

Currently, Vonage boasts a comprehensive fleet management solution across multiple clouds using KKP, augmented by custom extensions facilitating additional platform engineering tasks, and is expanding its product offerings, including a common database and cross-cluster solutions built atop KKP’s capabilities, ensuring continuous enhancement and integration of advanced features into their clusters.

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Vonage, a global cloud communications leader, helps businesses accelerate their digital transformation. Leveraging the Vonage platform, their fully programmable unified communications and contact center applications enable companies to transform how they communicate and operate from the office or anywhere, providing enormous flexibility and ensuring business continuity.

At Vonage, we accelerate the world's ability to connect with one unified cloud communications platform. Scalable, secure, and reliable real time communications require a digital backbone that can live up to that. With Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform, we currently operate hundreds of nodes and will rocket this number to five thousand this year. All reliable, all secure, all open source.

Eddie Wassef