CNCF Swift Multicloud Migration: Accelerating the Transition of Kubernetes' Core Infrastructure

The Challenge

Spread the Kubernetes Project Infrastructure to Multicloud

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) serves as an open-source software foundation dedicated to advancing the adoption of cloud-native computing. Within CNCF’s extensive catalog, Kubernetes stands out as one of its major projects, operating a substantial infrastructure independently. Multiple companies contribute infrastructure resources to support activities such as builds, tests, and hosting images and packages.

For open-source project developers, the ethos of resource sharing is particularly crucial, especially in maintaining aspects like infrastructure. In 2023, the imperative arose to extend the existing infrastructure beyond Google Cloud, encompassing AWS. This expansion aimed to distribute resources efficiently, optimize the allocated budget on Google Cloud, and leverage the AWS sponsorship to sustain the project’s operations.

The Solution

Get Community Members and Experts in time

Confronted with this time-sensitive situation, CNCF turned to Kubermatic, a renowned member of the CNCF and the leading contributor to the Kubernetes Project in Europe. In early January 2023, Kubermatic’s engineers, already integral members of the Kubernetes Community, dedicated themselves full-time to assist in the endeavor. Their focus was on designing and implementing a cross-cloud solution for the Kubernetes Project.

The Impact

Rapid Progress on Cloud Native Transformation

In Time Migration to keep the Kubernetes Project in Budget.

Thanks to the swift onboarding of Kubermatic Engineers into the project, the team could efficiently address multiple migrations simultaneously, collaborating closely with the sig-k8s-infra community.

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The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) is an open source software foundation that promotes the adoption of cloud-native computing. The CNCF, a subsidiary of the Linux Foundation created in 2015, aims to establish a vendor-agnostic community of developers, end users, and IT technology and service providers to collaborate on Open Source projects.

CNCF faced a pivotal moment in 2023, expanding Kubernetes Project Infrastructure to multicloud. Turning to Kubermatic, renowned for its contributions to Kubernetes, a swift cross-cloud solution was implemented. Thanks to Kubermatic's engineers, the migration was efficient, keeping the project within budget and highlighting the impactful collaboration between CNCF and Kubermatic.

Chris Aniszczyk