Rapid Cloud Native Transformation by Building In-house Expertise


The Challenge

Accelerate the Cloud Native Learning Curve

DialogData, a software company focused on the e-commerce field, wanted to get ahead of their customers’ needs in their journey towards cloud native technologies. Additionally, they had built a complex internal system to manage their resources and projects. In order to reduce complexity and manual intervention, they decided to move their internal landscape to microservices on a cloud native system.

The Solution

Get in Cloud Native Expertise

The DialogData team knew that they would have challenges and opportunities with integrating cloud native principles, architecture and tooling, and enlisted the help of Kubermatic to train their team. By training with cloud native experts, they sped up the learning curve and built the necessary in-house expertise to start transforming their internal landscape.

The Impact

Rapid Progress on Cloud Native Transformation

The training has helped DialogData avoid many pitfalls and make good progress on their transformation process. Within a short time, they had their first services up and running and made it through a lot of larger updates in their support stack. With the new in-house knowledge acquired, DialogData can now put out new functionality faster.

About DialogData

DialogData has been enabling customers for digital success with outstanding expertise, commitment and tailored consultancy since 1992. As a certified SAP Commerce Cloud (formerly Hybris Commerce) partner, DialogData has successfully completed over 40 e-commerce projects with a team of over 20 SAP certified developers and trainers. DialogData has more than 90 employees and is headquartered in Munich with an additional presence in Berlin and Romania.


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