Kubermatic & Fraunhofer HHI demonstrate fully containerized 5G Campus Network

Business Case

At CampusOS Plugfest, Kubermatic and our partner Fraunhofer HHI were able to successfully run a private 5G Campus Network on Kubernetes end-to-end.

The Kubernetes cluster consisted of two edge machines, hosting the fully virtualized open source 5G base station and 5G core, and one virtual machine provisioned in a Fraunhofer HHI data center. It was fully set-up using KubeOne. As a radio unit, a software-defined radio device was chosen.

On the software side, the team installed a free5G Core and OpenAirInterface RAN into the cluster. As the cni plugin, Multus was chosen to achieve performant network segregation.

During our tests, we ran the 5G setup in two different models. Firstly we ran the 5G Core close to the RAN setup. Afterwards we moved the 5G core onto the remote VM in order to simulate a migration to a data center. Leveraging Kubernetes we were able to quickly re-deploy the core, requiring only NodeSelector changes in the config.

We are happy to announce that the setup is fully based on open-source solutions and are excited for further developments in the 5G space.

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side-by-side arrangement of edge hardware
side-by-side arrangement of edge hardware

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