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Running Kubernetes at scale, meeting security and compliance requirements, and deploying Kubernetes clusters spanning on-premise or multiple public clouds can introduce an increasing amount of complexity. Request a meeting with our Founders or experts onsite to discover how to easily master all these challenges and drive your business forward!

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Details: March 18, 2024 at 7pm in Fitzroy Restaurant, Paris.

We are excited to attend the KubeTrain Party as sponsors and looking forward to meeting you there! Just before KubeCon + CloudNativeCon starts, it’s a great opportunity to get to know each other, network and get the most amazing Kubermatic SWAG!

KubeTrain party 2024

Check out the Kubermatic talks!

  • March 17

    Will ARM be the new Mainstream in our Data Centers?

    Tobias Schneck, Principal Architect at Kubermatic
    04:00 PM CET at Cloud Native Rejekts

    As I have been working with my new Apple Mac M1 for over a year, I was wondering why ARM is not used more in regular application workload scenarios? ARM for desktop computing is really stable, seamless, reliable and for me a game changer - when will we recognize the same for our servers? Especially in times when energy and raw materials are expensive, we should also benefit from the efficiency of ARM technology in our Data Centers. So what's missing? We have Kubernetes on ARM, we have the main operating systems supporting ARM, we have a lot of application software and programming languages supporting ARM out of the box, why don't we use this potential in large scale? Join the talk to get more insights on the current state of the ecosystem, open source and cloud native landscape. Let's find out if it is possible to create out of the results a real future business case for ARM based revolution in our Data Centers.

  • March 19

    Unleashing Kubernetes Intelligence - running k8sgpt utilizing your own fine-tuned LLM

    Mario Fahlandt, Customer Delivery Architect at Kubermatic

    10:45 AM CET at Cloud Native AI Day

    K8sGPT is a fast rising star inside the CNCF landscape. Most of us use it currently with paid resources - because of this, some of us can't utilize its powers. Follow me into the rabbit hole, creating your own fine-tuning of an LLM with Kubeflow and taking LocalAI for a spin inside our cluster to use this very model as a base. Now we have a local interface to use for k8sgpt. So we can scan our Kubernetes clusters, diagnosing and triaging issues in simple English. K8sgpt helps to pull out the most relevant information and enrich it with AI.

    As a benefit on top we enrich the LLM in the fine-tuning process with our own project or Open Source Documentation. So LocalAI acts as our very own ChatGPT to ask for help in our environment. The most amazing thing, we can do everything inside of Kubernetes, in our own infrastructure in our own Datacenter or Private Cloud.

  • March 19

    Building a Platform Engineering API Layer with kcp

    Marvin Beckers, Team Lead at Kubermatic

    11:05 AM CET at Platform Engineering Day

    Self-service is a central aspect of platform engineering, and platform engineering teams frequently build on top of Kubernetes to utilise its amazing API design. The kcp project has been accepted into the CNCF Sandbox in 2023 and extends Kubernetes API concepts beyond container orchestration. This talk will discuss how kcp supercharges platform engineering with a global control plane for all internal services. As a central API layer, kcp enables a SaaS-like experience between internal service providers and developers, transforming internal developer platforms into a service marketplace. All via concepts and tools that developers working with Kubernetes already know and love. kcp expands the world of platform engineering beyond the limits of single Kubernetes clusters, and therefore transforms the scale at which platform teams and internal service providers can operate. This talk will explore patterns for both service providers and developers and how kcp makes their lives easier.

  • March 19

    A Practical Guide to SIG Release Tooling for Kubernetes Subprojects

    Marko Mudrinić, Software Engineer at Kubermatic
    11:45 AM CET at Kubernetes Contributor Summit

    SIG Release invested many years into creating tooling for publishing different types of artifacts. There are also other supporting tools such as release-notes for generating changelogs, bom for generating SBOMs, and more! All those tools are actively used when publishing Kubernetes releases, but the Kubernetes subprojects are often not aware of tools that SIG Release offers and maintains. In this session, Marko will shed some light on those tools focusing on how you can publish container images, binary artifacts, and system (Debian and RPM) packages. The session will cover the most important processes around the Kubernetes image registry ( such as image promotion, what's OpenBuildService and how you can use it to publish system packages to, and finally where you can find information and support for all the tools that we offer. This session will provide a great reference for many years for all Kubernetes subprojects on how they can make their release processes more efficient and aligned with the Kubernetes release process.

  • March 19

    Managing Content Streams in SIG-Contribex-Comms

    Mario Fahlandt, Customer Delivery Architect at Kubermatic with Kaslin Fields (Google)
    01:45 PM CET at Kubernetes Contributor Summit

    The Contributor Comms subproject of SIG ContribEx is taking on additional responsibilities around End User communications this year. This working session is open to anyone interested in end user communications. The goal is to plan strategy for communicating with end users across various platforms, including setting up processes to make these audiences available to groups across the project. Join us to explore our end user audiences and how we communicate with them.

  • March 19

    Get Your CI Jobs Optimized Together!

    Marko Mudrinić, Software Engineer, and Koray Oksay, Kubernetes Consultant & Instructor at Kubermatic
    03:00 PM CET at Kubernetes Contributor Summit

    Auditing jobs running on the community-maintained Prow build clusters, SIG K8s Infra has discovered that a lot of jobs are using way more resources than needed, speaking in many more CPUs and many more GBs of RAM. While this doesn't affect stability of jobs, this has a downside: we're spending money on underutilized cloud resources that we could use for something else. We've worked to come up with a solution to optimize, and in fact, actively monitor resource usage for your jobs. As part of this session, we'll go over available tooling together and you'll have a chance to optimize your jobs with our help and suggestions. We hope that this session will provide a good framework for contributors to learn how to properly determine how much resources are needed for their jobs.

  • March 19

    Kubernetes-style APIs for SaaS-like Control Planes with kcp

    Marvin Beckers, Team Lead at Kubermatic with Mangirdas Judeikis (Cast AI)
    03:00 PM CET at CNCF Projects Lightning Talks

    Kubernetes is all about orchestrating container workloads. But to orchestrate workloads at the scale that Kubernetes is used for, you need a solid API. Thankfully, the community built amazing technology to power the Kubernetes API, and a thriving ecosystem has since evolved around it.

    kcp is a CNCF Sandbox project that harnesses all the API building blocks of Kubernetes and moves them past workload orchestration. We are building a control plane to host any kind of API in a SaaS-like fashion, all powered by Kubernetes API concepts and rules. As a Kubernetes downstream project, kcp does not try to reinvent the wheel but to extend the Kubernetes APIs with stronger multitenancy, API management and global scalability capabilities.

    Join us in exploring the core concepts that kcp adds to the Kubernetes API and discover how kcp could be the right fit for your next platform based on cloud native technologies.

  • March 21

    Why Kubernetes is Inappropriate for Platforms, and How to Make it Better

    Sebastian Scheele, CEO of Kubermatic with Stefan Schimanski (Upbound) and Mangirdas Judeikis (Cast AI)

    03:25 PM CET at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon

    The ecosystem is building platforms on Kubernetes now, starting with a hub cluster and then sticking tools for Gitops, for application descriptions and for infrastructure management together, with the goal to create custom APIs for the platform consumers. This works, but hits limits of Kube as a framework quickly. Can we do better? Oh yes, we can! This talk is about extending Kube, adapting its architecture to be a better fit for a world where instead of container orchestration two new personas are at the center: (a) the service & API provider (b) the self-service consumer, often developers or application owners. We focus on 3 dimensions to enable Kube to serve platform engineering better: - from kcp we take the workspace hiararchy as a vastly better multi-tenancy primitive. - cross-workspace API exports and bindings tailor-made for the service provider and consumer personas. - cluster mounting that integrates Kube clusters for a unified user interface and identity management.

  • March 22

    Contribfest: Build, Document, and Learn About Tinkerbell Community
Templates and Integrations

    Moath Qasim, Head of Engineering at Kubermatic with Jacob Weinstock (AWS)
    04:00 PM CET at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon

    Come help us build and document existing community Templates ( and integrations. There are many community members that have built templates for deploying different operating systems and built integrations with different tools (like Netbox) that are documented anywhere. During this session we'll work together to either document existing templates and integrations or build new ones with you.