From Legacy to Cloud Native

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May 16, 2024, at 10 AM CEST

Let's explore different solutions to VMware

The past months have been rough for VMware customers and users alike. The acquisition of VMware by Broadcom has prompted a profound shift on the modern IT landscape. The current world economics are also hindering modernization projects, and organizations are looking for ways to save costs. Additionally, the need to manage VM workloads and container platforms is steadily increasing.

One Open Source Project in particular is emerging in the market to fulfill both of these needs. KubeVirt is a CNCF incubating project and a fast-growing alternative to VMware's Hypervisor. It combines the abilities and possibilities to interconnect the VM World with the Container world.

Join us for an insightful webinar as we explore the journey from legacy systems to cloud-native solutions. Learn how you can build a platform on your existing hardware in a cloud native way. With the benefit of Portworx to provide reliable and highly available storage, DR and backup solutions for VMs and containers, we can create a reliable state-of-the-art platform. Let’s unlock the potential of cloud-native architecture together!


Mario Fahlandt

Mario Fahlandt, Customer Delivery Architect at Kubermatic

Mario is a Professional Service Engineer and a DevOps since the beginning of the merge of Dev and Ops, Mario started working on infrastructure as a developer, when bare metal was the normal case. Since the transition to docker and container based infrastructure, he shares his knowledge about cloud related Topics either as GDG Cloud Munich organizer or as a Google Developer Exper on Meetups and conferences. The mixture of being a developer and also an ops for more than 12 years, give his talks & blogs a more hands on and more real scenario approach.

Daniel Paul

Daniel Paul, Cloud Architect at Portworx

Daniel Paul is a cloud architect at Portworx. Previously, he helped VMware customers integrate Kubernetes into enterprise networks and security environments, and gained experience in the data centre environment at Dell and the Max Planck Society.