FHE3 Achieves Rapid Time-to-Market and Flexible Customer Service


The Challenge

Meeting Customer Expectations for Cluster Management

As an IT service provider, an FHE3 customer approached their team with the requirement to deploy and operate multiple Kubernetes clusters on an OpenStack environment in their data center. However, FHE3’s toolset and the customer’s environment did not work together. FHE3 needed to find a way to deliver the project according to the client’s needs despite the incompatible stack.

The Solution

Powerful Tools for Lifecycle Management

Overcoming delays with the project and a shortage of manpower, FHE3 decided to use Kubermatic’s KubeOne cluster lifecycle management tool which fits any infrastructure. With a short time-to-market, FHE3 was able to leverage Kubermatic KubeOne to deploy and operate the setup requested by their client.

The Impact

Rapid Time-to-Market

Without Kubermatic KubeOne, FHE3 would have had to duplicate their complete toolset on the customer’s data center in their environment. The speed of delivery was less than a quarter of the alternative approach thanks to the advantages of Kubermatic KubeOne.

About FHE3

FHE3 is specialized in operating high availability systems and is dedicated to remaining very flexible to fulfill customer needs. The team looks after more than 500 physical servers and has over 2,500 virtual servers in use. 25,000 services are actively monitored in their own data center in Frankfurt (Main) and other locations worldwide.


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